Most Agents Fail Within The First Year

Master The Skills You Need To Succeed

  • Develop a growth mindset that will unlock success for you.

  • Set big goals and develop strategies to earn your desired income

  • Create a lead generation system to attract buyers and sellers

  • Leverage technology to scale your business

  • Build self confidence 

  • Track your performance and stay focused 

  • Create your business plan

What You Will Learn:

    1. Module 1: How Our Thoughts Influence Our Actions

    2. 5 Beliefs Of Highly Successful People

    1. Module 2: Look At Your Work In Real Estate As A Business And Not As A Job

    2. Chase Purpose Not Money

    1. Module 3: Create Your Business Plan (In-Class Assignment)

    1. Module 4: Goal Setting Is The Most Important Step Toward All Major Accomplishments

    2. Mission, Vision & Purpose

    1. Module 5: The Top Priority For A Realtor Is Lead Generation

    1. Module 6: How To Fill Out CAR Form RPA Correctly

    2. Writing Contracts To Get Accepted

About this course

  • $595.00
  • 13 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
Roy Benford, Guest Speaker at Command The Stage, Atlanta, GA. February 26, 2022
Roy Benford with Coach Craig Proctor, Anaheim, CA. April 2015


  • Next classes: Tuesday 06/13/23 & Wednesday 6/14/23

  • Live in-person meeting 1 day per week

  • In-person lectures Mondays from 12-1:30pm + Q & A

  • Zoom sessions Thursdays from 12-1:30pm + Q & A

  • Four 45 minute coaching calls per month per student attendee

  • Course includes 24-hour access to coaching materials including videos, pre-listing packages, scripts and dialogues, and a 30/60/90 day productivity plan


Nedrea Arias, Writer

Mr. Benford Showed up each Saturday with real time stories and always related it back to the objective at hand, understanding and passing the state exam. His genuine concern that all of us were equal to that task was refreshing and inspiring. Thank you Mr. B for your BOLDness, clarity and certainty of purpose; we all benefited; our first step toward a career in RE will and does honor You.

Igor Tregub, Senior Policy Advisor

Roy is a community-oriented broker who uses his experience to not only help his clients cut through red tape to get a square deal, but is passionate about topics of neighborhood stability and homeownership. If you get Roy as your real estate specialist, you will be fortunate you did. He is experienced, passionate about the work, and compassionate when it comes to his clients!

Charlotte S., Director

Nedrea, thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation for a great teacher like Mr. Benford, We wish you a ton of success in your new Real Estate Career!

Steven C. Wilhite Sr., Broker

Roy I hope all is are always quite the professional Realtor that agents should strive to safe my friend..: )

Chatela Monae, Coaching Student

I would highly suggest working with Mr. Roy if you are looking to elevate your real estate career. In my honest opinion, seasoned Realtors can gain just as much value as novice ones. In our time working together, he was always so intentional, going above and beyond at every interaction. Rarely do you come across people in business who you feel genuinely care about you as a person and place more emphasis on how they can pour into you as opposed to what they can gain. With that being said, Mr. Roy is most certainly a gem who sincerely cares about your well-being and I can guarantee that partnering with Aim High coaching will far exceed your expectations!

Jennifer Broch

It is rare and a special occurrence when you have a teacher that you feel you will never forget, you are one for me. Thanks


Roy is a visionary. He aims for the future as well as improvement of education. I am certain that Aim High Coaching will reach real estate agents that seek new guidance on how to start their business or just on how to move forward. I highly recommend Aim High Coaching!

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Five Essential Steps To Real Estate Success

  • An actionable income-producing business plan

  • A clear understanding of today's real estate market

  • Innovative marketing and prospecting systems

  • The latest social networking strategies for Realtors

  • Attain new skills and build self confidence



    How many transaction sides are you hoping to close this year? If you can name that number off the top of your head and you also know how close you are to achieving your goal, then well done — you’re way ahead of a lot of agents. But if you’re just kind of aiming for a vague “do the best I can,” then you’re not actually doing yourself any favors. A coach can help you figure out those basic numbers by helping you do some math to assess where you are, target where you want to be, and take appropriate steps to close the gap. Different coaches have different approaches and different formulas, and there really isn’t one correct way to set your goals; as long as your coach is using an approach that you can intuitively grasp, you’ll be in good shape.


    The big challenge of working as a real estate agent is that you are your own boss. It’s also a huge advantage and what draws a lot of people to the business, but the problem manifests when you can’t adequately motivate yourself to get moving toward your goals. It can be all too easy to procrastinate and tell yourself you’ll do it later when “it” is a lead-generation strategy that you don’t enjoy, for example: When you know where you want to go with your business, a coach can help you find and eliminate the blockers one by one — the habits or mindsets that are encouraging you to procrastinate, in this example.


    You’ll often see real estate agents compare themselves to elite athletes when they’re talking about why they have a coach. They identify with that level of commitment and the drive to be the very best. It can be an apt comparison, because those athletes are also setting performance goals and working to meet them by improving their performance, often with incremental changes. Put yourself in that athlete’s shoes for a second. You know what your goal is, and if you’re committed, you also know what your current performance looks like. But can you say for sure whether you’re on track to meet or beat that goal, or whether you’re going to have to ramp up performance at the home stretch?A coach not only helps you set a goal and figure out how to get there; they also track your performance along the way and can encourage you to step it up if you’re at risk of missing your goal — even months before your deadline.


    One reason why real estate teams have become such a popular phenomenon in recent years is that it’s an efficient way to solve one big problem in the industry: How to be an expert at a bunch of different (and disparate) skill sets as an agent. It’s not that it’s impossible to be an individual agent and be amazing at everything that your job requires, from lead generation to marketing to negotiation to networking to market knowledge to managing the transaction, and on and on. But it is quite difficult. Real estate coaches can assess your current strategy and task list and help you figure out what you’re missing. It’s possible that you’re giving your clients a seamless end-to-end experience already, but if you suspect that you could be doing better, a coach can help you figure out exactly how. It’s one thing to know that you aren’t working on a certain area of your business, but it’s quite another thing to know exactly what you should be doing. For example, maybe you know that one of the aforementioned gaps in social media. You don’t have a strategy to promote your business, let alone your listings, and you’ve seen other agents in your market get some traction on Instagram. So you’ve identified the problem — but what’s the next step? Do you train yourself on social media and try to build this part of your business on your own, or do you outsource? What are good resources to use for each approach? If you’re building it solo, do you have a future plan to hand it over to someone else? What will that look like and how will you know you’re ready?


    Many agents think they’re ready to expand their business and establish a partnership with another agent, collaborate with a junior agent, or bring on an assistant — when really, they should be focusing on their core business practices instead. On the other hand, there are many agents who don’t believe it’s time to take that step, but that’s only because they don’t recognize the signals in their own business or understand what they mean. Some coaches specialize in business expansion and scaling, and they work with dozens of different agents who are all at different stages of their own business. Working with a coach like this can give you access to deep insight as to when you’re ready to scale up and exactly how to go about doing it.


    Although some humans are excellent at assessing their own abilities (and, more importantly, where they fall short), others are woefully inadequate when it comes to determining where they could use some work … and whether it’s even worth it to try, frankly. After all, if you’re not great at something but could get significantly better with just a little effort, then the effort is probably worth your time — but if you’re not great at something and the effort to get you significantly better is going to be momentous, then you need to know when to cut your losses and delegate that part of your job. A coach has quite a lot of experience at assessing where real estate agents are struggling. Working with a coach can help you really pinpoint all of your weaknesses if you’re not sure where they are, as well as help you make a plan to tackle them (even if that plan is “hire someone to do it for me.”).


    We’ve already covered the fact that an agent’s job includes many facets — and some agents excel at several. How do those agents decide where to focus their personal attention once business picks up to the point where it’s just not feasible to manage everything? Ideally, your coach will know who you are, what you enjoy, what motivates you, and how to use all of those different things to help you meet your goals. Oftentimes, that means knowing when you should double down in the areas where you already excel — not always easy to see from inside your shoes.


    Have you ever heard of the concept of the dip? Marketing guru Seth Godin wrote a book about it. The idea is that there’s almost always a dip right before your idea starts to catch on — that same concept can sometimes apply to your business. Sometimes you might see a dip in results before things start to really catch on, especially if you’re trying something new. How do you know when to quit and when to stick? Having confidence in your ideas can be one solution to this issue (as can a coach’s perspective). Confidence is important in real estate because it can be a really tough business! Sometimes it’s important to count your wins and give yourself a pat on the back, and if you’re not great at doing that, a real estate coach can help you with it. This might just be what you need to push through more dips!


    Your broker might or might not offer performance feedback — the best ones want you to improve and will be willing to give you some pointers. But your broker is probably also busy, and may not have the opportunity to pay attention when you could most use the help. One of the most valuable services that a real estate coach can provide for agents is ongoing and consistent feedback and evaluation. If one thing you’re sorely lacking in your world is accountability and a reality check here and there, a coach can be the person who keeps it real with you, helping you objectively look at how well you’re doing and where you could be leveling up.

Your Instructor

Real Estate Broker Roy Benford

Roy Benford is an award-winning real estate broker serving Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 30 years. His passion and dedication for making the American dream a reality is why he ranked among the top 10 percent of over 11000 Sales Associates in the Northern California/Hawaii Region. Whether selling, buying leasing or investing Roy is the agent to meet your specific needs. His experience as a guest lecturer on college campuses and teaching classes for pre-licensees in private real estate schools, is a testament to his commitment of helping others pursue their purpose. Roy was awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service while servicing in the U.S. Army. As a veteran he is keenly aware of the serious challenges many veterans face when buying property. He offers the compassion, understanding and experience that's required to overcome those challenges. Roy currently lives in Oakland, California near his 2 handsome sons and 3 active grandsons. On his days off he and his family enjoy hiking, fishing, cooking, and attending local sporting events. Roy is an avid reader and is currently writing his first book which will be published later this year. Roy Benford - veteran, real estate broker, instructor, coach - has the experience and passion to make your Real Estate career a smashing success. Contact him today, You’ll be glad you did!

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